A New Jones Wedding

No take backs.


Thank you for visiting our wedding website.

We’ve included stories about us and how we’ve met, while providing plenty of helpful information for our guests as we prepare for our big day.  We hope you enjoy reading.  Feel free to sign our guestbook and make sure to dedicate some songs on our reception page!

We’ll be posting updates and new information below, so check back often.


We’re on our way!

Leslie has already arrived in Indianapolis and I’m on my way!  Looking forward to seeing all of you as we make this thing official.

Updated Hotel Information

We know that many of you have started to make travel plans.

Room blocks are created for the JW Marriot and The Springhill Suites downtown.  You can read more about these hotels by clicking here.

Parking at JW Marriot is $28 nightly and Springhill is $23.

JW Marriot:
Nightly rate Thursday and Friday is discounted to $169.
Reservations: 1-866-704-6162
Block: Jones/New
Online Codes:
Premium King: JNWJNWK Queen: JNWJNWQ

Springhill Suites:
Nightly rate Thursday and Friday is discounted to $109.
Reservations: 1-866-704-6116
Block: Jones/New
Online Codes
King Suite: JNWJNWA
Rooms are reserved until May 21st.

Note: There are a number of hotels downtown.  I’d recommend using hotwire.com or your favorite travel site to find additional hotels at perhaps lower rates.  Keep in mind the prices on those sites won’t include parking either.

Cab Information:
A nice thing we learned was that cab rides downtown has a flat fee of $5.  You can read more about this here:

Taxi’s from the airport to downtown are roughly $30-35.

Engagement photos posted.

View them here!

Looking forward to the reception?

Looking forward to the reception?  So are we!  So much so that we want you to get in on the action right now! Our DJ offers the opportunity to request songs in advance, including special requests from our guests.

Request your favorite songs or make a special dedication by visiting the following website:      http://event1dj.com/guest-requests/

Select our wedding date and type jones for the password.

We hold veto power so don’t be offended if the YMCA and Disco Duck are not selected!

Just under 6 months away.

As the save the dates begin to find their way to mailboxes everywhere, many of you are preparing to make your arrangements for your stay in Indianapolis. We have selected two hotels with blocks of rooms for your convenience.  However, you will not be able to book that hotel just yet as our code for the rates is not active.  The hotel management is rather particular about how many rooms are needed for each night.  Please let us or our parents know if you intend to stay at the hotels we select.  It will help us determine the number of rooms to block so you can receive a special rate.

We will post our special rate code to reserve a room in our hotel block as soon as we receive it.  Please continue to check back for updates!


* Additional information regarding the hotels is located under the Eat/Sleep/Play page of our website!