A New Jones Wedding

No take backs.



Meli Drier (Matron of Honor)
Friend of the bride.  Both worked as special education teachers for the same school corporation.  Developed a love for yoga with the bride as they spent several summers perfecting their poses.  Also shares a love for pool parties, 80’s/90’s fashion shows, summer break, Dance Central, and midnight bike rides.
Sarah Puckett
Friend of the bride.  Also a special education teacher (“birds of the same feather…”) that worked with the bride during a particularly interesting school year.  Enjoys karaoke, appearing angelic, and punching random strangers.  Is also a fan of midnight bike rides.
Cadie Werden
Friend of the bride.  Worked as a paraprofessional for the bride at Break-O-Day Elementary.  Has two beautiful little girls that will grow up to be divas like their momma.  Spends her days when she’s not teaching or being a mommy by posing, dancing, singing, and shopping.
Jessica Warner
Friend of the bride.  Lived in the rival town to Shoals, but still developed a friendship. Worked together at West Boggs Park (Loogootee, IN) as “WBP Program Girls” during college.  Currently working as a pediatric oncology/hematology nurse for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Loves night hikes, bug spray, “driving” golf carts, and making friendship bracelets.
Jennifer Nevers (Emeritus)
Friend of the bride and groom (although the bride knew her first).  Attended Indiana University and met the bride through her husband, Dan.  Has a special gift for fortune telling as she predicted the bride would move from Indiana to Minnesota and eventually marry the groom on the very first night they met.  Enjoys shopping, attending concerts, and Don Pablo’s.
Colleen Ritchie
Friend of the bride.  Met through mutual friends and began hanging out by attending 40% Steve concerts.  Eventually discovered a shared love for authentic Mexi food, brownies, and Target, and knew the friendship was for real.  Never misses a chance to buy something green or Irish and is almost unrecognizable on March 17th.
Erica Jones
Sister of the Groom.  Shared a dwelling while she worked on a degree from a former Big Ten university.  Quite possibly the 3rd most excited party to this wedding.  A converted fashionista now spends her days at the steel mill, selling the cold hard facts.  She’s single, look for her at the open bar.


Alan Maas (Best Man)
Long time friend and college roommate of the groom.  He defeated me in checkers back in the late 80’s and we’ve been involved in a wide range of activities since then.  Some of which include, but are not limited to: small time web creation/thought movements, over 100 episodes of Judge Mathis, deflated lungs, my video game addictions, love for African storytelling, and one (1) destructed and lovable toaster oven.
Dan Nevers (Emeritus)
Long time friend of the bride and co-worker of the groom.  Partial responsibility for putting this couple together. Started Target together as one of the original members of the 4 Closers, carried in many bag lunches, and blossomed into an all around intramural sports guy.
Milan Raja
Friend and co-worker of the groom.  Started Target together as one of the original members of the 4 Closers.  I help explain sports to him, and in turn he provides me with terrible insider stock trading tips.  Tips should be reserved for when/how to dine at Macy’s.
Adam Krysiak
Childhood friend of the groom, product of Southwood Glen elementary.  Shares a love for Wisconsin sports, dive bars, Mortal Kombat, and entry level pyrotechnics.
Joe Malinowski
Pseudo cousin of the groom, shared many a youth birthday together.  The Malinowski’s and the Jones’s have been close family friends since the beginning of time.
Andrew Hawkins
Childhood friend of the bride. Attended Shoals High School and Indiana University together, although Andy was lucky enough to stay for a victory lap. Road trips to Minneapolis were common, as well as Andy driving the entire way while the bride slept.
Kelly New
Brother of the bride.  Lives in the honky-tonk city of Nashville, TN.  Loves the Yankees and Colts.  Avid promoter of helmet safety.