A New Jones Wedding

No take backs.

april showers

As we entered the month of April, we had a busy travel schedule with showers in both Indianapolis and Milwaukee.  We were thankful for the opportunity to see our family and friends, something which doesn’t happen all that often these days.  Also, we were overwhelmed with the thoughtful gifts we received.  We have already put many of them to use.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon at the wedding!


Leslie started off her spring break by visiting friends and family in and around Indianapolis, making some of the last preparations and decisions for the big day. I was able to join her mid-week, just in time to sample the potential wedding menu, eat more cake, and participate in a bridal shower thrown by Leslie’s mom and hosted at Sarah and Tony’s new home, who also graciously provided us our lodgings. There were plenty lady-like snacks and desserts. Leslie got the pleasure of posing for some embarrassing photos, and even I got to participate in the fun. We must really be loved, as we had a packed car heading back to Minnesota.

Photos from the Indianapolis Shower:

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A couple weeks later, we would be showered again during a short trip home to Milwaukee. Erica and my parents threw a shower for us in downtown Milwaukee along the riverfront at Water Buffalo. The women were able to enjoy lunch, desserts, and signature cocktails (granted I may have snuck one as well while stopping by).  The gentlemen gathered next door at the Milwaukee Ale House for lunch.

Photos from the Milwaukee Shower:

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Kimberly Lane

The faculty at Kimberly Lane Elementary put on a bridal shower before school and gave the teacher’s lounge a complete makeover with decorations.  They included a tasty cake, from CostCo, music to our new membership ears, and punch at 8 AM.  Leslie felt so honored to have a shower thrown for us after she had only worked there for a year.